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Shocking news! Windows Intune renamed Microsoft Intune

Earlier Windows Azure was renamed Microsoft Azure, so now we see Windows Intune beeing renamed Microsoft Intune. Not realy a big deal to us consuming the services, but I like the thought that Microsoft isn’t only acknowledging Windows as the…
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TechEd 2015?

Are you planning for TechEd 2015 or maybe it will be Unified Technology Event? A little confusing from Microsoft, but TechEd is not dead. It will be replaced/cohappening with this new Unified Technology Event. Microsoft started merging Conferences and seminars…
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How to Install and Setup AAD Sync Tool

Lets look at the Azure AD Sync Installation, and how its better then DirSync,¬†even if its only in Preview. And it will be the replacer for DirSync. Microsoft is realy pushing Cloud Computing either as IaaS or SaaS, but we…
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Azure Active Directory

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