Windows 365 freezes mouse and keyboard

Who doesn’t like a new and shiny toy, just look at it 🙂 And new remote application for Windows 365 (Public Preview) from Microsoft Store. Search for Windows 365 Preview.

New Windows 365 App (Public Preview in Microsoft Store)

But I have another reason for wanting to try this new remote application for Windows 365. I have had issues with Windows 365, but one in particular have been annoying.

During Teams meetings it tend to freeze my interactivity using my mouse and keyboard. Audio and video still works, so other participants doesn’t know I am in trouble, unless I am sharing screen or need to change slides I am presenting.

I need to close the window from my local desktop, which is still working without troubles. Then restart the App and connect back in to my Windows 365 Cloud-PC. Which is still running and I am still part of the meeting, but until I do this, I am not able to leave the meeting or be interactive besides audio and video (2-ways).

I have also been monitoring the event logs, bought in Windows 365 and my local desktop, but can’t find any errors. I don’t have this problem locally on my PC, bought running Windows 11 22H2, or other connectivity issues. So I ruled out my Internet connection to be the problem.

So when Microsoft announced a new remote app, I was hopeful this would the fix to this issue, sadly not and I ran in to a different problem. Christiaan Brinkhoff presents the new app on his page here.

Also, trying to change authenticated user, because as a consultant I often use my company computer, but authenticate with identity from customers environment. This was also the case for Windows 365, so now I need to use different credentials for another customer giving me a Windows 365. But Windows 365 keeps trying to authenticate with the first user I logged onto the app with. I try to cross out the sign-in popup page, but that only closes the Windows 365 app and I am back to start. And there is no option to change user at the sign-in page, like it normally is when you authenticate to Office 365 services.

Maybe it was connected to the old Remote App for Windows 365, so I started that and it didn’t fail to authenticate the old user. Showing me the Cloud-PC for a disabled user, but at least I could unsubscribe from the organization and away it went. And I could choose to subscribe to a new or multiple organizations. I guess this is coming in future release.

Remote App

Now I reinstalled the Windows 365 App, and when starting the app again, I got the regular authentication.

But today I tested Windows 365 Business and this new Windows 365 App didn’t support Business version of Windows 365 it seems. It seems stuck during discovery of assigned Cloud-PCs:


Windows 365 Business is a bit different from Windows 365 Enterprise, at least from an administrative perspective. It isn’t available in Intune, but managed only with license assignment in Azure AD/Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Intune Windows 365 for Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs

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