Azure Virtual Desktop Black Screen Fixed

You attempt to open an Azure Virtual Desktop and after normal login activities, you just receive a black screen. There is no start menu, but maybe Teams automatically starts. Doesn’t sign-in though. You can also attempt to open an Azure Virtual Application, but it returns a black screen and closes the tab automatically.

AVD Black Screen

AVD Setup

  • Windows 10 Multi-Session 22H2 + Microsoft 365 Apps
  • Azure AD Joined
  • FSLogix with Profile container in Azure Files
  • Cloub Kerberos Ticket Retrieval
  • Synchronized identities


During setup I had tested Apps and Desktop with my own normal user, which created a local user profile on the host pool VM. I have read you should have a different user or new user for testing as a local profile will cause issues when later trying to use FSLogix with Profile stored in Azure Files.

I deleted my local profile on the host pool VM and again tried to start my virtual desktop. The desktop started and I could see the full desktop, except I got this warning. Felt like the old days when you got a temporary profile, but I didn’t think much about and tried signing out from the virtual desktop.

First time sign-in after local profile deleted


Once I signed out and sign-in again, I noticed FSLogix was present during sign-in this time and it all seemed much better. The previous warning was gone and I could see the profile was created in Azure Files.

So remember, when your testing the finish setup, delete the local profile from previous tests 😉

This posts #securitytip

When using FSLogix to host profile containers on Azure Files, you can set the Storage Account to only allow traffic from the subnet used by your AVD Hosts.

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