Microsoft Edge knows when you download Chrome

We live in society where everyone is tracked, even if nobody wants to admit it, we leave traces everywhere we go online.

Lately we experienced Microsoft Edge actively knowing we where downloading Chrome. Edge made a popup to tell us, Edge is also based on Chromium, but with extra trust.

Translated to English it says: “Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft.”

I find it intrusive that an browser will act on content I am browsing or downloading, to the point where I receive commercials, because I want to download a second browser.

If it was based on a specific security advice, it could fly with me, but proclaiming its because of added trust in Microsoft above Google, it is only words. There is no claim to be secure for a reason, only assuming we should trust Microsoft more then Google when it comes to developing and operating a browser.

But isn’t chromium an open-source product by Google? Which Microsoft has used to build Edge? Shouldn’t Google be the most experience and best developer to run av browser on their product?

Chromium is an open source project, with the purpose to create a product to build browsers on. It streamlines how browser work, making it overall easier to develop and create standards in the area.

However Microsoft has a number of additional tools helping us browser safer, and in a enterprise workspace, you might have Microsoft Defender on your Windows device. Microsoft Defender is a development from Microsoft Antivirus client, today its protecting us in variety of ways besides virus protection.

Combined with Microsoft Intune and Enterprise Mobility Security features in Microsoft 365, we can really protect the users beyond what Google is providing in the same Windows workspace.

I believe thats what we can learn from this tip to use Edge, with added trust in Microsoft and within losing the same potential as Chrome has, based on they use the same platform (Chromium).

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