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How to configure DevOps with Lighthouse (2/6)

Modify ARM template- and parameter-file to have your spoke subscriptions connected to Lighthouse in your hub subscription. Agenda: 1. Create and configure an Application Registration to gain access using a secret. 2. Create a template- and parameter-file for connecting other…
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Deploy Marketplace Image using PowerShell

Not ready to jump on JSON template modification when the Marketplace template doesn’t fit your requirements? We can use PowerShell to get the same marketplace image deployed with our own modified configuration.

This image from Palo Alto can only…
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Windows Server 2016 GA in Azure, what are the new skus?

The Publisher is still MicrosoftWindowsServer and the Offer is WindowsServer, but what are the new Skus and Images? 2016-DataCenter 2016-DataCenter-with-Containers 2016-Nano-Server The first and at the moment only version or build of 2016-DataCenter is 2016.0.20161010. 2016-DataCenter build 2016.0.20161010 2016-DataCenter-with-Containers build 2016.0.20161012…
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