Deploy Marketplace Image using PowerShell


Not ready to jump on JSON template modification when the Marketplace template doesn’t fit your requirements?

We can use PowerShell to get the same marketplace image deployed with our own modified configuration.

This image from Palo Alto can only be deployed to an empty resource group, but I often see that virtual network appliance isn’t allways the first resource to be deployed, so this resitriction in the marketplace template isn’t helping the customers.

The Next Generation Firewall from Palo Alto uses three network interfaces, so we have to create them and attach them to the new VM Configuration.

Basically it is configuring the virtual machine as we want it, and then we apply the OSdisk image from the Marketplace.

Sometimes you are required to use an OSdisk image that isn’t the latest, so we are using the Set-AzureRmVmSourceImage to apply earlier versions of the OSdisk image.

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