Improved Select-AzureRmSubscription


Are you managing multiple subscriptions with a single corporate account?

I sometimes work with customers that uses multiple subscriptions in Azure, but uses the same Azure Active Directory, so you can atleast access them all from one account.

I searched the Internet and found this simple way of selecting the subscription from a list:

Adding it to a PS module, and here the selection is the module, but of course the module could be anything.

To finish it off, I would add Login-AzureRmAccount to the Beginning, but if you only have one account, I wouldn’t like to enter my credentials everytime I want to select a subscription:

What it does, is to try Get-AzureRmContext, but unless you are logged in, it will fail and based on that error message, it will make you run Login-AzureRmAccount. If your allready logged in with that PS Session, it will continue to present the subscription you have access in.

Thank you to everyone who shares their knowledge on the Internet.

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