From PowerShell to Azure AD License Assignment

Starting a new Azure AD tenant today, it is easy to take in Azure AD License Assignment, perhaps even using dynamic groups to automate license assignment for different Roles in your organization.

But before we had License Assignment in Azure AD, the method of choice was a PowerShell Script running in a Schedule Task. This is then equal to using the web interface and assign licenses to users one by one. So they all get status Direct-licensed, compared to group-licensed.

Fare enough, doesn’t seem to be of any challenge, until you wanne change to Group-based license assignment using Azure AD License Assignment.

Because, when you apply group-based, they will keep direct-licenses as well. So if you take away any sub-license with group-based, they will continue to have a license, because of the direct license.

So we need a way to clean up the mess of direct-licenses, and continue on with only group-based licensing.

Here is a script to find all users with a direct assigned license, and have the direct licenses removed: Just be sure your users are assigned the group-based license, before your remove the direct, else they will have a time frame without any license.

This seemed to be the most common scenario out there, despite Microsofts own scripts not taking in this consideration.

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