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Howto configure Password Change in ADFS

Users are always allowed or forced to change their passwords, either by a phone call to servicedesk or from their domain joined computer when at the Office. By enabling this feature in ADFS, you make self-service password change more available for your end-users. Possible reducing the incoming…
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Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, Office 365

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Windows Server 2016 GA in Azure, what are the new skus?

The Publisher is still MicrosoftWindowsServer and the Offer is WindowsServer, but what are the new Skus and Images? 2016-DataCenter 2016-DataCenter-with-Containers 2016-Nano-Server The first and at the moment only version or build of 2016-DataCenter is 2016.0.20161010. 2016-DataCenter build 2016.0.20161010 2016-DataCenter-with-Containers build 2016.0.20161012…
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Azure, Azure Virtual Machine

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