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How to use Office Protection and Rights Management?

Protect Word documents, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint Presentation With Rights Management Service (RMS). These days we talk alot about privacy terms and how the larger Companies meet demands from laws and not to mention us as customers, but what do…
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Rights Management Service

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What is Azure AD Premium?

Azure Active Directory is the Active Directory behind every Microsoft Online Service, like Office 365, Azure, Intune and CRM Online. Azure Active Directory is free, and can be registered without buying any Microsoft Online Service. Just using it as a…
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Azure Active Directory

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How to Install and Setup AAD Sync Tool

Lets look at the Azure AD Sync Installation, and how its better then DirSync, even if its only in Preview. And it will be the replacer for DirSync. Microsoft is realy pushing Cloud Computing either as IaaS or SaaS, but we…
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Azure Active Directory

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IP addresses used to access Office 365 and Azure are changing

If you are filtering your web traffic using IP address filtering you will need to update the IP’s you use to filter. Please check the link below to determine what changes are required. Note that for customers with firewall filters,…
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Azure, Office 365

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Azure VM Pre Configuration

Installed a New Virtual Machine in Azure today, and if you don’t follow up on releases, it just pops up New stuff For example, today I found the feature of pre configure installation of Microsoft EndPoint Protection, Symantec EndPoint Protection…
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Azure Virtual Machine

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Azure PS Cmdlets Not Found

As the TechNet download site for Windows Azure Active Directory PowerShell module is Down, here is a link to download: http://sharesend.com/jt23pggb Nevermind the installation is in Norwegian. And you will need the Sign-In Assistant, so here is the 64bit beta…
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Azure Active Directory

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