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Consumer First – Business Later

The consumer marked drives Development in the Business marked Why is this? and what does it mean for our business? We and our colleagues, are bought the Consumer Marked and Business Marked, so it isn’t realy two different worlds. Except…
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Office 365

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From Small/MidSize to Business Plan

New Office 365 Customers can have Business Essentials or Premium from October 1th, with all the benefits of this New Office 365 Service Family. But what about customers allready on Small/MidSize Service Family? Because there is no Upgrade Path from…
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Office 365

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PS: Script license assigning for Office 365

Wanted to share a script for assigning Licenses to Office 365 Users based on Security Groups in Your local Active Directory.  

  ———————————————————————- You will find all the Licenses With this PS Command: Get-MsolAccountSku | Where-Object {$_.SkuPartNumber -eq…
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Office 365

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OWA App now for Android

Earlier I mentioned the OWA or Outlook Web App for iOS Devices and now the same App for Android Devices is released, but it will leave onpremise Exchange Servers hanging for another while. Source: http://blogs.office.com/2014/06/11/owa-for-android-now-available-on-select-devices/ It looks very much the…
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Exchange Online

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OneDrive for Business ups to 1TB

So, lets discuss 1TB Storage in OneDrive for Business and I can see some customers would need more then 25gb disk Space. Some might also use OneDrive for Business instead of buying extra SharePoint Online Storage, but the 1TB Storage isn’t…
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OneDrive for Business

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