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Federated Salesforce Identity Provider Certificate has failed

How wrong can an error Message be? A customer tried using Single Sign-On With their Federated Service Provider, Salesforce, today receiving this error: Login Error Your login attempt using single sing-on With an Identity provider certificate has failed. Please contact Your…
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Windows Server 2012 R2

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DirSync Installation Error PowerShell

The minimum Version of Windows PowerShell required is 2,0. Please install the minimum Version required (or higher) and try again. Today I was installing DirSync for a customer With a brand New Windows Server 2021 R2, which includes PowerShell 2,0…
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Azure Active Directory

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ADFS Single Sign-On Error 80048163

Error Code: 80048163 When trying to log on with a federated user and receiving a Error Code: 80048163. This happends if there has been changes to the ADFS Server Configuration and it haven’t been updated to Office 365.   Open PowerShell with WAAD…
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Active Directory Federation Service

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