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AADSync or DirSync as Windows Server role?

When will Azure Active Directory Sync or DirSync become a Windows Server role/feature? Working with Cloud Solutions I very often implement ADFS and AADSync/DirSync, but only ADFS has become a Windows Server role. I don’t see any reason to why…
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Azure Active Directory

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New Job: Technical Architect at Knowledge Factory

As of today, September 1th, I am Technical Architect at Knowledge Factory. Knowledge Factory is a IT Infrastructure Specialist and my work will include advisory and implementing Microsoft Infrastructure, With speciality in Microsoft Online Enterprise Services like Office 365, Azure,…
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How to Install and Setup AAD Sync Tool

Lets look at the Azure AD Sync Installation, and how its better then DirSync,¬†even if its only in Preview. And it will be the replacer for DirSync. Microsoft is realy pushing Cloud Computing either as IaaS or SaaS, but we…
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Azure Active Directory

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Error installing Windows Azure Active Directory Powershell Module

Error:¬†“In order to install Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell, you must have Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant version 7.0 or greater installed on this computer” But you allready have installed the newest named MS Online Services Sign-In…
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Azure Active Directory, PowerShell

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