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Outlook for iOS Authentication – Deeper dive

Lets look a little deeper into the Security mechanism behind Outlook for iOS, and I believe alot of the Buzz during the last days could have been avoided. Microsoft addresses this issue, because an iOS Device will terminate the Application…
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Exchange Online, Office 365

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Cloud App Discovery Preview

Introducing customers to all available Apps in Azure Active Directory Applications, which is simple Apps to distribute among users within a Portal for gathering Cloud Solutions used in Your Company. All these vendors have joined Microsoft in building a great…
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Cloud App

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Password Hash Sync doesn’t work for all users

Ever had a Password Hash Sync installation, tested a couple of users and the next day when going Live, the bigger bunch of users can’t login? Your browser tells us the username and/or password is wrong. We check username and…
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Azure Active Directory

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How to use Office Protection and Rights Management?

Protect Word documents, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint Presentation With Rights Management Service (RMS). These days we talk alot about privacy terms and how the larger Companies meet demands from laws and not to mention us as customers, but what do…
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Rights Management Service

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Office 365 Password Never Expires

Microsoft Online Service Portal (MOSP) doesn’t allow you to set passwords to never expires, but for some customers it is wanted and for some service accounts not beeing federated its also wanted. Connect to Micorosoft Online Services.

Azure Active Directory, PowerShell

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