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Apply tags to resources using policies

For consistance in filtering your billing, you should take advantage of tags added using policies. Small organizations can use it to filter out cost related to different applications, and larger organization to divide the billing into different business areas. Policies…
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Outlook for iOS – Blocking the app

Using the Exchange ActiveSync Management Policies, we can block this app from connecting to Our Exchange hosted Mailboxes. This Outlook App is identified in the Exchange ActiveSync Management as ‘Outlook-iOS-Android/1.0′. The OWA for iOS and Android will be available for…
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Exchange Online, Office 365

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Password Hash Sync doesn’t work for all users

Ever had a Password Hash Sync installation, tested a couple of users and the next day when going Live, the bigger bunch of users can’t login? Your browser tells us the username and/or password is wrong. We check username and…
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Azure Active Directory

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