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Preview: Office 2016 for OS X

About time? :p While iOS and Android allready receives alot of love from Microsoft, it was about time that OS X also received the long lasting update to the Office Suite. Especially when colleagues using Windows are efficient integrated with…
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Office Pro Plus

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Hello Azure Active Directory Connect

Say Hello to Azure AD Connect, the future replacement for DirSync and the combination of Azure AD Sync and DirSync. Connect your Active Directory with Azure Active Directory in only 4 clicks, now wouldn’t that be nice? Express Settings. But…
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Azure Active Directory

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AAD Premium with Password Reset Write-back

How to configure AAD and DirSync With AAD Premium and Password Reset¬†Write-back funtionality, let’s have a look! Making DirSync even more powerfull, Microsoft introduces Password Reset Write-back for customers using DirSync With Password Synchronization. You need AAD Premium Licenses which…
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Azure Active Directory

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