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  • Create an Azure VM with multiple NICs

    Create an Azure VM with multiple NICs

    Multiple reasons needs a virtual machine (VM) to have multiple NICs, while this isn’t possible in the Azure Portal, we can create VMs with mutiple NICs using PS. First is a script that creates your infrastructure with a virtual networking, containing multiple subnets, because most likely the reason for having multiple NICs is to have […]

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  • Two PowerShell scripts to manage new VMs in AzureRM

    Two PowerShell scripts to manage new VMs in AzureRM

    Get started with PowerShell (PS) for managing new VMs in AzureRM, either by editing the PS variables or by prompting for input to the PS variables. After the initial infrastructure is created, see post for how to do that, we can start by using this PS Script and change the static variables to suite your infrastructure and the […]

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  • Publishing RDWeb/RDGateway with Azure AD App Proxy Error in Firefox

    Publishing RDWeb/RDGateway with Azure AD App Proxy Error in Firefox

    Everyone working with Azure Active Directory are used to have multiple browsers opened, in order to simulate mutiple users. And I often find myself even using In-Cognito or In-Private mode in my browsers to. At the moment I am running Edge, IE11, Firefox and Chrome. So today I was working on Publishing my RD Web […]

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  • ADFS Service Principal Names

    ADFS Service Principal Names

    ADFS prompts for credentials and successfully authenticates, but you receive HTTP 400 bad request or page not found with the address This is usually because someone tempered With the Service Principal Names, and that can be for multiple reasons. The ADFS Service Account, either a regular domain user or the Group managed service account […]

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  • Azure VM  Status: Failed.

    Azure VM Status: Failed.

    All VMs seems to be running healthy and there are no extensions with issues, but the VM still reports status failed. This is usually because the Azure have a glitch, which means it happens uncontrolled and for no reason, but updating the VM configuration solves the glitch, unless it really is something that went wrong. […]

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  • Get-AzureNetworkSecurityGroup shows empty table

    Get-AzureNetworkSecurityGroup shows empty table

    The purpose was to delete a lot of Network Security Groups (NSGs) using automation in PowerShell. But if we run Get-AzureNetworkSecurityGroup, it returns an empty output, despite having a lot of NSGs from creating Virtual Machines (VMs) in the Azure Portal. Get-AzureNetworkSecurityGroup This is because even if Azure Classic didn’t have NSGs like we use them in […]

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  • Identity Synchronization Error Email

    Identity Synchronization Error Email

    Who receives Synchroization Errors by Email from The Azure Active Directory Team? This would be the Techincal Contact in the Azure AD Tenant. The other day I came across two emails telling us it was unable to update certain objects, because the values allready existed in Azure AD, synchronized from a different object i AD. This is […]

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  • Error 8344 Insufficient Access Rights

    Error 8344 Insufficient Access Rights

    An Export Error within Azure AD Sync/Connect/DirSync/FIM/MIM when configured with Exchange Hybrid: Error Code: 8344 Error: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation. Exchange Hybrid configuration tests writeback from Azure AD, and needs the necessary permissions set by the Installation on the Active Directory Connector System Account to allow this writeback. Solution: If you can’t turn […]

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  • Federate ServiceNow with Azure AD

    Federate ServiceNow with Azure AD

    ServiceNow have created an Application in the Azure Gallery to create a Federation Relationship and User Provisioning from Azure AD to ServiceNow.   This also enables Role/Group Based Access Control to ServiceNow and Selv-Service Access Management, where a User can request Access to the service and it will be either automatically granted or […]

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