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  • PS Module – Fill up Mailboxes

    PS Module – Fill up Mailboxes

    Send-PileMail, a PowerShell Module written to automaticly send emails to a set of Mailboxes, with the purpose to test migration¬†throttling. We can look at Microsoft Technet¬†Article on Exchange Online Migration Performance and Best Practice, but it doesn’t give us the numbers in order to calculate the amount of time we need to Schedule migration process. […]

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  • Gain FullAccess to Exchange 2007+ Mailboxes

    Gain FullAccess to Exchange 2007+ Mailboxes

    When we migrate Mailboxes to Office 365, it’s best to use an Admin Account for accessing the mailboxes, instead of knowing every users password. But we might not have a user with FullAccess to all mailboxes we want to migrate, not even the Domain Administrator. Lets use PowerShell With Exchange Cmdlets to achieve FullAccess instead […]

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  • Exchange Online does not create a mailbox when we assign licenses

    I rarely onboard customers to Office 365 without deploying DirSync or a similar tool, because it is and always have been best practice keeping Active Directory as Identity Source. This challenge often came when a customer has Exchange in their Active Directory, and when we synchronize users to Azure Active Directory (AAD) they will bring […]

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  • Staged VS Hybrid Migration

    Staged VS Hybrid Migration

    Should we use Staged or Hybrid Migration? To answer this question we often ask if the On-premises Exchange Organization will be permanent in Hybrid With Exchange Online? Because if so, Hybrid is the option to favor. Hybrid is still a migration option, so after a couple of Projects you will see it isn’t build to […]

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