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  • Howto configure Password Change in ADFS

    Howto configure Password Change in ADFS

    Users are always allowed or forced to change their passwords, either by a phone call to servicedesk or from their domain joined computer when at the Office. By enabling this feature in ADFS, you make self-service password change more available for your end-users. Possible reducing the incoming calls to Servicedesk. Password change is protected by requiring the user to remember its existing…

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  • Important Update for ADFS 3.0

    Important Update for ADFS 3.0

    A backdoor was found when a browser session wasn’t closed, even if we have logged out from the Federated Service, so Microsoft released a secuity update for Our Windows 2012 R2 (MS15-040). Also for a Core installation, as this hits the ADFS Service. It could make it possible for information disclosure, by reopening the Federated Service and…

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  • ADFS supporting Chrome

    ADFS supporting Chrome

    Doesn’t everyone use Internet Explorer? Isn’t it Company policy anymore? ADFS doesn’t support Chrome out of the Box, so we need to adjust some settings for Chrome to use ADFS. Depending on which Version Your using, there are two settings to help Your Chrome users out. ADFS 2.0/2.1 (Windows Server 2008/2012) ADFS comes standard With…

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  • Move OWA from ISA/TMG/UAG to WAP

    Move OWA from ISA/TMG/UAG to WAP

    Configure Web Application Proxy (WAP) to publish Exchange 2007 Webmail (OWA). Pre reqs: ADFS Installed and Configured WAP Installed and Configured So I will go through the steps needed to Publish OWA With WAP Server, and lets start With the Publishing rule at Our WAP Server. Open the Remote Access Management Console (RAMC). Click Publish…

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  • ADFS: Alternate login ID

    ADFS: Alternate login ID

    Don’t wanne change a users UPN-suffix? Previously that would be required for federating With Office 365 or any Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Service, but this about to change: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn659436.aspx For different reasons why cant allways change the users UPN-suffix, due to Legacy software using the old none internet routeable domain name like: apalnes.local But With this…

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  • ADFS 3.0 Configuration Fail

    ADFS 3.0 Configuration Fail

    Scheduled an installation for ADFS 3.0 towards Salesforce today. Nothing out of the usual Project, but as we learn the hard way everytime, no customer is the same. So after installing ADFS 3.0, without no errors, I proceeded to configure ADFS 3.0 and this is where it all started to go wrong. Event ID: 102,…

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