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  • Exchange Online does not create a mailbox when we assign licenses

    I rarely onboard customers to Office 365 without deploying DirSync or a similar tool, because it is and always have been best practice keeping Active Directory as Identity Source. This challenge often came when a customer has Exchange in their Active Directory, and when we synchronize users to Azure Active Directory (AAD) they will bring […]

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  • Cloud App Discovery Preview

    Cloud App Discovery Preview

    Introducing customers to all available Apps in Azure Active Directory Applications, which is simple Apps to distribute among users within a Portal for gathering Cloud Solutions used in Your Company. All these vendors have joined Microsoft in building a great database of Apps we can serve Our customers With, and they all have som sort […]

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  • Password Hash Sync doesn’t work for all users

    Password Hash Sync doesn’t work for all users

    Ever had a Password Hash Sync installation, tested a couple of users and the next day when going Live, the bigger bunch of users can’t login? Your browser tells us the username and/or password is wrong. We check username and password. We check the Event Log. We check the users that worked yesterday and they […]

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  • AADSync or DirSync as Windows Server role?

    AADSync or DirSync as Windows Server role?

    When will Azure Active Directory Sync or DirSync become a Windows Server role/feature? Working with Cloud Solutions I very often implement ADFS and AADSync/DirSync, but only ADFS has become a Windows Server role. I don’t see any reason to why Directory Synchronization shouldn’t become a Windows Server Role, so when will it happen? For one […]

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  • PS Script: AAD or AD?

    PS Script: AAD or AD?

    Complementing the PS Script by choosing either AAD or AD to hold Your Security Group and Memberships. [code language=”powershell”] #Azure Active Directory Import-Module MSOnline Connect-MsolService #Find ObjectId of every Security Group $Groups = Get-MsolGroup | Select ObjectId,DisplayName $ExchangeGroupObjectId = $Groups | where {$_.DisplayName -eq "Exchange_Users"} | Select ObjectId #Placeholder for ObjectIds of every member of […]

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  • PS: Script license assigning for Office 365

    PS: Script license assigning for Office 365

    Wanted to share a script for assigning Licenses to Office 365 Users based on Security Groups in Your local Active Directory.   #Command One – Find users in local Security Group $LyncGroup=Get-ADGroupMember -Identity ‘LyncOnline’ -Recursive | %{get-aduser $_.samaccountname} | Select UserPrincipalName #$LyncGroup is just a placeholder for every users UserPrinciplaName found in the Security Group […]

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  • Username greyed out in Office 365 Admin Center

    Username greyed out in Office 365 Admin Center

    Problem: You created a Cloud User and gave it the vanity domain in the UserName, and later you federate that domain, but this user isn’t from Your Active Directory. So ofcourse the login will fail for this user. As long as this domain is Federated the Admin Center will not allow you to change or […]

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  • Directory Based Edge Blocking for Exchange Online Protection

    Directory Based Edge Blocking for Exchange Online Protection

    Problem: Exchange Hybrid didn’t forward mail to OnPrem Exchange mailboxes and sender receives NDR rejected. Why: Directory Based Edge Blocking rejects mail to invalid addresses if it doesn’t exist a user With the target address attribute in Azure Active Directory. Solution: In Your Exchange Admin Center for Exchange Online, we can change the Domain Type […]

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  • Yammer Enterprise support AD Sync and SSO

    I would allways recommend customers to consider Office 365 when they would like any of the services provided by Office 365, but in certain cases we only want one service. Yammer is a service you can buy outside Office 365 and its geat News that Yammer Enterprise supports synchronization from Active Directory and also SSO […]

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  • Group Policy Replication

    Group Policy Replication

    Just a little understanding of Group Policy Replicaton in Active Directory, or have you ever had Group Policy Management not finding any Policy settings on specific domain controllers? Every Domain Controller has a SYSVOL folder which stores changes and replicates to other Domain Controllers, named: domain. This is regular Folder with files inside. Every Domain […]

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