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  • Improved Select-AzureRmSubscription

    Improved Select-AzureRmSubscription

    Are you managing multiple subscriptions with a single corporate account? I sometimes work with customers that uses multiple subscriptions in Azure, but uses the same Azure Active Directory, so you can atleast access them all from one account. I searched the Internet and found this simple way of selecting the subscription from a list: #Get […]

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  • Apply tags to resources using policies

    Apply tags to resources using policies

    For consistance in filtering your billing, you should take advantage of tags added using policies. Small organizations can use it to filter out cost related to different applications, and larger organization to divide the billing into different business areas. Policies can currently only be viewed in the Preview Portal of Azure, but will soon be […]

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  • Create an Azure VM with multiple NICs

    Create an Azure VM with multiple NICs

    Multiple reasons needs a virtual machine (VM) to have multiple NICs, while this isn’t possible in the Azure Portal, we can create VMs with mutiple NICs using PS. First is a script that creates your infrastructure with a virtual networking, containing multiple subnets, because most likely the reason for having multiple NICs is to have […]

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  • Two PowerShell scripts to manage new VMs in AzureRM

    Two PowerShell scripts to manage new VMs in AzureRM

    Get started with PowerShell (PS) for managing new VMs in AzureRM, either by editing the PS variables or by prompting for input to the PS variables. After the initial infrastructure is created, see post http://johana30.sg-host.com/?p=1104 for how to do that, we can start by using this PS Script and change the static variables to suite your infrastructure and the […]

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