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  • Yammer integration with Office 365 Roadmap

    Yammer integration with Office 365 Roadmap

    Yammer will be Integrated With Office 365, and we have only seen the begining in Our Office 365 Navigation bar. First step was giving the Office 365 Navigation bar a shortcut to Yammer. Second step is giving SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business Yammer discussion Integration. Discuss documents and sites. Third step is announced now…

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  • Update: From ADFS to DirSync Password Hash Sync

    Update: From ADFS to DirSync Password Hash Sync

    Whats new and how is it made better? Password Hash Sync can now be failover solution for Federated vanity domains. Now that Azure Active Directory have been updated, so Federated users can have a password even if they are Federated. This means that when we follow Our guide From ADFS to Dirsync Password Sync we…

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  • Cloud App Discovery Preview

    Cloud App Discovery Preview

    Introducing customers to all available Apps in Azure Active Directory Applications, which is simple Apps to distribute among users within a Portal for gathering Cloud Solutions used in Your Company. All these vendors have joined Microsoft in building a great database of Apps we can serve Our customers With, and they all have som sort…

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  • ADFS, WID or SQL?

    ADFS, WID or SQL?

    Are you using Windows Internal Database or SQL Server? So I had this project for a customer lately, and everything was working as inteded until I was expanding the ADFS Farm with a second ADFS Server. It continuely told me I couldn’t add the Server to the ADFS Farm, because I was using a SQL…

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  • Decode SAML Requests

    Decode SAML Requests

    When working With SAML requests it can be usefull to decode the requests, just to be sure the request has the right and neccessary claim rules when shipped to Your Serivce Provider, or if you do a SP Initiated Sign-In With a SAML request for Your IDP Provider to decode. Link: https://rnd.feide.no/simplesaml/module.php/saml2debug/debug.php

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  • Bind Relaying Party to Identity Provider

    Bind Relaying Party to Identity Provider

    ADFS 3.0 improves user experience With a long wanted feature: Improved user experience for home realm discovery –AD FS now supports home realm discovery by looking up organizational account suffixes that a claims provider supports or by looking up the claims provider list that is configured for a relying party trust. AD FS also supports…

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  • AD FS Certificates

    AD FS Certificates

    All AD FS Services should use a Public certificate, because we use it for external Third party services management and we use it so other Device outside Our local network can Access these Third party services. This means we have to publish Our AD FS Service to external network and for them to rely on…

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  • ADFS Single Sign-On Error 80048163

    ADFS Single Sign-On Error 80048163

    Error Code: 80048163 When trying to log on with a federated user and receiving a Error Code: 80048163. This happends if there has been changes to the ADFS Server Configuration and it haven’t been updated to Office 365.   Open PowerShell with WAAD Cmdlets and connect to your Office 365 tenant for updating federation trust: Update-MSOLFederatedDomain –DomainName <Federated…

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  • Office 365 Autoupdatefederationmetadata (ADFS)

    Office 365 Autoupdatefederationmetadata (ADFS)

    Noboddy realy remembers when their certificates expiration date are coming, so to help alittle we can create a schedule task to update your federationmetadata with Office 365. Download Microsoft Office 365 Federation Metadata Update Automation Installation Tool. Start a Windows PowerShell with Administrator rights and Windows Azure/Office 365 Cmdlets. Navigate to where to saved your…

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