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  • Hybrid Mailflow with TMG

    Hybrid Mailflow with TMG

    Error: Mailflow from Exchange Online to Exchange On-Prem doesn’t work. Protocol: SMTP Port 25   Microsoft TMG has two way of networking, routing and NATing. For this mailflow to work you need to NAT the inncomming request and not routing it.   But not everyone can change from routing, so you would need this to…

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  • Office365 Hybrid Mailflow Alternatives

    Office365 Hybrid Mailflow Alternatives

    Point your MX-record to your On-Prem Exchange Hybrid Server or Exchange Online Protection (Office365).   Oldest alternative: Leave your MX-Record pointing to your On-Prem Exchange Hybrid Server, and keep you mailfilter service.   Newest alternative: Point your MX-Recod to Exchange Online Protection (EOP+Office365) and have your mail washed by EOP.   Why would you choose…

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