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  • PST Capture

    PST Capture

    Came across this tool and I like it for two reasons: 1. Export and Import to PST doesn’t exist in Exchange Online, so it isn’t as easy to Import PST files to Exchange Online Mailboxes as we are used to in Exchange OnPrem. Handy in alot of situations. 2. For smaller customers it can be…

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  • Uninstall Primary Exchange 2010 Hybrid

    Uninstall Primary Exchange 2010 Hybrid

    So, secondary server is uninstalled. Now, we can uninstall Primary Exchange 2010 Hybrid Server or if you only have one, this blog post might be more for you. As in the prior unstallation of the secondary Exchange 2010 hybrid servers, I start With the uninstallation to see what prereqs we have to deal With and…

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