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  • Outlook for iOS – Unsecure?

    Outlook for iOS – Unsecure?

    What is the Buzz? Microsoft rebrands their purchase of Acompli to Outlook and relaunches it for iOS and in preview for Android. Alot of ITpros and Sysadmins have banned the App from their MDM controlled Devices, because it has two potential security risks. 1. It integrates with cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox, for consumers…

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  • Office 365 OWA Feature

    Office 365 OWA Feature

    Allmost every week I notice something New With OWA these days, and it’s because my Company uses Office 365 Exchange Online. Not only is it an advantage for me to use what I try to follow closely and keep me updated in, but it allways grants me the latest features without any System Administrator involved.…

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  • Move OWA from ISA/TMG/UAG to WAP

    Move OWA from ISA/TMG/UAG to WAP

    Configure Web Application Proxy (WAP) to publish Exchange 2007 Webmail (OWA). Pre reqs: ADFS Installed and Configured WAP Installed and Configured So I will go through the steps needed to Publish OWA With WAP Server, and lets start With the Publishing rule at Our WAP Server. Open the Remote Access Management Console (RAMC). Click Publish…

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  • OWA App now for Android

    OWA App now for Android

    Earlier I mentioned the OWA or Outlook Web App for iOS Devices and now the same App for Android Devices is released, but it will leave onpremise Exchange Servers hanging for another while. Source: http://blogs.office.com/2014/06/11/owa-for-android-now-available-on-select-devices/ It looks very much the same as OWA for iOS, which looks the same as on Windows Phone. We kind…

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  • OWA Redirect when using WAP

    OWA Redirect when using WAP

    ISA is dead. TMG and UAG are soon dead and WAP are taking over, With the advantage of ADFS doing pre-authentication now also for services that doesn’t support claims based autenthication. But, from ISA/TMG/UAG we create rules to redirect OWA URL like this: webmail.contoso.com redirect to webmail.contoso.com/owa But, this isn’t possible With WAP Servers, the…

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  • Office 365 OWA App for iOS

    Office 365 OWA App for iOS

    Just as simple and as good looking App for managing Your Office 365 Webmail / OWA from Your iOS Device, bought iPad and iPhone. http://blogs.office.com/2013/07/16/owa-for-iphone-and-owa-for-ipad/ Download free from Your App Store, and simply login to the App With Your Office 365 credentials. Doesn’t matter if Your Federated or not. Windows Phone 8/8.1 is taking over iOS:  

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  • EnTrust Root Certificate Error

    EnTrust Root Certificate Error

    Yesterday Microsoft updated and the result is all EnTrust Root Certificates are not trusted anymore. This is because 1024 bit key isn’t good enough after the update, and the RootCA needs to be changed to minimum 2024 bit.

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