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  • IaC Journey Pit-stop (Declarative vs Imperative)

    IaC Journey Pit-stop (Declarative vs Imperative)

    Because everyone kept saying <insert code language> is declarative. Might not even be self explanatory for a native English speaker either, so I went searching to really understand what everyone mean by all the focus on code being declarative. Compared to imperative. Here are two quotes trying to describe the difference in declarative and imperative […]

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  • Recover a lot of files from Recycle bin

    Recover a lot of files from Recycle bin

    Teams Files uses a SharePoint Recycle bin, because it stores files in a Library, but the web interface to manage the recycle bin isn’t very helpful. If someone by mistake or perhaps trying to delete a folder they synced, have deleted a lot of files, it is a nightmare to restore using the web interface. […]

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  • From PowerShell to Azure AD License Assignment

    Starting a new Azure AD tenant today, it is easy to take in Azure AD License Assignment, perhaps even using dynamic groups to automate license assignment for different Roles in your organization. But before we had License Assignment in Azure AD, the method of choice was a PowerShell Script running in a Schedule Task. This […]

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    Microsoft Security – Get all users without a compliant device

    When you want activate security it is useful to understand who will potentially be negatively impacted by your settings. For instance if your enabling compliant device requirement for certain applications, I would recommended knowing who will be blocked and doesn’t have a compliant device they can access the applications from. If you are implementing Azure […]

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  • Improved Select-AzureRmSubscription

    Improved Select-AzureRmSubscription

    Are you managing multiple subscriptions with a single corporate account? I sometimes work with customers that uses multiple subscriptions in Azure, but uses the same Azure Active Directory, so you can atleast access them all from one account. I searched the Internet and found this simple way of selecting the subscription from a list: #Get […]

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  • Apply tags to resources using policies

    Apply tags to resources using policies

    For consistance in filtering your billing, you should take advantage of tags added using policies. Small organizations can use it to filter out cost related to different applications, and larger organization to divide the billing into different business areas. Policies can currently only be viewed in the Preview Portal of Azure, but will soon be […]

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  • Deploy Marketplace Image using PowerShell

    Deploy Marketplace Image using PowerShell

    Not ready to jump on JSON template modification when the Marketplace template doesn’t fit your requirements? We can use PowerShell to get the same marketplace image deployed with our own modified configuration. #Choose subscription Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionId dc9b2339-0138-4de6-b2c2-c7e9408fdfa4 $ComputerName = ‘labroynepa02’ $CredentialVM = Get-Credential #Create Network Interface $nic0 = New-AzureRmNetworkInterface -Name “labroynepa02-eth0” -ResourceGroupName “LAB-ROY-NE-NETWORK” -Location “West […]

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  • Automapping mailboxes to Outlook

    Automapping mailboxes to Outlook

    Automapping mailboxes to Outlook means the mailbox you gain access to will be automatically added to your Outook Client or Outlook Web Access (Exchange Online). No need to add additional mailboxes after an administrator have granted you permission. Life is wonderful 🙂 Except if you have permission to alot of mailboxes, and it takes up […]

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  • Windows Server 2016 GA in Azure, what are the new skus?

    Windows Server 2016 GA in Azure, what are the new skus?

    The Publisher is still MicrosoftWindowsServer and the Offer is WindowsServer, but what are the new Skus and Images? 2016-DataCenter 2016-DataCenter-with-Containers 2016-Nano-Server The first and at the moment only version or build of 2016-DataCenter is 2016.0.20161010. 2016-DataCenter build 2016.0.20161010 2016-DataCenter-with-Containers build 2016.0.20161012 2016-Nano-Server build 2016.0.20161012 So it seems Nano-Server and DataCenter-with-Containers are the newest Versions, but here […]

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  • Create an Azure VM with multiple NICs

    Create an Azure VM with multiple NICs

    Multiple reasons needs a virtual machine (VM) to have multiple NICs, while this isn’t possible in the Azure Portal, we can create VMs with mutiple NICs using PS. First is a script that creates your infrastructure with a virtual networking, containing multiple subnets, because most likely the reason for having multiple NICs is to have […]

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