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  • Public Website in SharePoint Online into oblivion

    Public Website in SharePoint Online into oblivion

    SharePoint Online will no longer feature a Public WebSite, and for existing customers it will available for another two years. We don’t know much, but Microsoft says there will be easy to implement thrid party web sites With Office 365. The Public Website wasn’t very much, so I believe this is a change for the […]

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  • Hello Azure Active Directory Connect

    Hello Azure Active Directory Connect

    Say Hello to Azure AD Connect, the future replacement for DirSync and the combination of Azure AD Sync and DirSync. Connect your Active Directory with Azure Active Directory in only 4 clicks, now wouldn’t that be nice? Express Settings. But we know it isn’t allways that easy, or the majority of times it isn’t. It’s […]

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  • Heartbleed


    As everyone a little abow neutral to computers, we need to take in what this heartbleed is and does it affect ourself or friends/Family 🙂 OpenSSL received an update about two years ago, which unknowingly created a Whole in the otherweis Perfect system. When you analyzed traffice from sites using an OpenSSL certificate, you could […]

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