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  • Azure Premium Storage (SSD)

    Azure Premium Storage (SSD)

    Mark Russinovich and Microsoft announced general availability for Azure Premium Storage, so we can choose from Standard and Premium. For any type of Virtual Machine, which previously only was available to D-Series Azure¬†Virtual Machines. Premium Storage is SSD disks Attached to the hosts and it could be your solution to slow performance within your¬†Azure Virtual […]

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  • Outlook Backend Cloud Service – Data Storage

    Outlook Backend Cloud Service – Data Storage

    What does this Backend Cloud Service for Outlook store and for how long? Microsoft stores a subset of email, calendar information and attachments. It is said to be stored for atleast a month, but longer if the user accesses the items more then once. Today it stored in Amazon Web Services, but during 2015 it […]

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I am Roy Apalnes, a Microsoft Cloud Evangelist working av Sopra Steria. Main focus in Microsoft Security and Endpoint Management, with a bigger picture in mind.

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