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  • IaC Journey continues 2022 (Bicep)

    IaC Journey continues 2022 (Bicep)

    With previous practice using JSON template and reading up on IaC through colleagues of mine, I decided the next step is testing Bicep. I started this series of blogs with the naked truth of my coding journey from 2004 to 2022, I recommend reading it here as this is follow-my-journey from that post. Bicep is […]

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  • Why use JSON to create infrastructure in Azure

    Why use JSON to create infrastructure in Azure

    Yes, why? If we can answer that, we would have a good¬†reason for learning to use JSON, rather than the Azure Portal. For example, I¬†started using PowerShell, because everything isn’t available in the Azure Portal. And some tasks against Azure can be boring to repeat a lot of times. So that became my reason to […]

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