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  • Two PowerShell scripts to manage new VMs in AzureRM

    Two PowerShell scripts to manage new VMs in AzureRM

    Get started with PowerShell (PS) for managing new VMs in AzureRM, either by editing the PS variables or by prompting for input to the PS variables. After the initial infrastructure is created, see post http://johana30.sg-host.com/?p=1104 for how to do that, we can start by using this PS Script and change the static variables to suite your infrastructure and the […]

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  • Azure VM  Status: Failed.

    Azure VM Status: Failed.

    All VMs seems to be running healthy and there are no extensions with issues, but the VM still reports status failed. This is usually because the Azure have a glitch, which means it happens uncontrolled and for no reason, but updating the VM configuration solves the glitch, unless it really is something that went wrong. […]

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  • Azure Virtual Machine – .NET 3.5 Installation

    Azure Virtual Machine – .NET 3.5 Installation

    Installing .Net Framework 2.0 and 3.5 fails when using Server Manager, because it can’t find the Source files for the installation. During the installation we can choose a network path for the Source files, but it isn’t that easy incerting a USB or DVD Media to a Virtual Machine in Azure Infrastructure as a Service. We […]

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