US vs EU Laws for Online Property

We don’t talk about the traditional Security anymore, but its all about government wanting survailance and the possibility to Access online data. As mentioned by BBC the problem now is agreement between governments, specificly between US and EU goverments.

EU want’s online data owned by European Customers of Microsoft and Google to be kept out of other hands. Meaning goverments outside EU shouldn’t have Access to online data owned by a European Customer, even if its hosted by an american Company like Microsoft or Google.

But the US government and Court of Law looks different and tells the american Company hosting data in EU for EU customers to give out online data like email, Activity and possibly files. This judge doesn’t look at online data the same way we all look at whatever is hosted in Our private home.

I believe it has to be addressed and so it is With these judges. Meaning it is good its brought in to the light and in Public.



I am Roy Apalnes, a Microsoft Cloud Evangelist working av Sopra Steria. Main focus in Microsoft Security and Endpoint Management, with a bigger picture in mind.

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