HP Elitebook Legacy Boot

Just a little secondary to my precious Office 365, today I was working With a New HP Elitebook 840 and the mission was to install a task sequence from SCCM 2007 With a bootable USB media.


Had a little trouble while creating the stand-alone task sequence media, because it was taking forever Processing the Windows 7 wim image file and we didn’t see any errors in the logfile (CreateTsMedia.log) it seemed stuck on 0%. Figure I atleast had to wait for some error Message. Left it in the background, and then 1 HOUR later I had a look back. To my suprise it was now at 45% and ticking 1% each second suddenly.

I dunno why, but atleast it finished after some time. It is abit delayed when using a PC With SCCM Console instead of the server. But its abit hard to Mount a USB stick in Virtual Machine.


So then I plugged the USB stick into the Elitebook 840, but nothing happend. Testet the stick in an Elitebook 8570p which worked as intended, except it didn’t like USB 3.0. Change to a USB 2.0 port and it worked.

Had a look at the Elitebook 840 BIOS, changed the boot order and used ESC and F9 to choose boot order. It found the USB Device, and I know this because without the USB stick plugged in it wasn’t a Choice, but it allways jumped to booting from the harddrive.

So the solution was to turn off UEFI Boot and use Legacy Boot, and to do that you need to turn off Secure Boot. First I tried without changeing from UEFI Boot, resulting in a error Message: An error occured With the boot selection verify media is present and retry.

So I went back and found the option to change from UEFI to Legacy Boot order and now its working as intended. And because I was suppose to use Windows 7 Legacy Boot order is okey, but if Your doing Windows 8 it will need to be turned back to UEFI Boot mode as thats what Windows 8 support.

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