How to setup Office Pro Plus for Shared Computers/RDS/TS

Lets see how we need to install Office Pro Plus from Office 365 for it to work on Shared Computers/RDS/TS, because it is not just running the installation the way we usually do from Office 365 Portal.

Download the Office Deployment Tool and With that the media for installing Office Pro Plus, see my blogpost. We then install Office With a custom configuration file:

<Display Level=”None” AcceptEULA=”True” />
<Property Name=”SharedComputerLicensing” Value=”1″ />

This can also be found in the registry later, which can come in hand if some update or administrator have changed settings or anything.

For troubleshooting take a look at this TechNet article:
Troubleshoot issues with shared computer activation for Office 365 ProPlus


And how does Shared Computer Licesning work?

Each user will License themself With their Office 365 Credentials, or Federated credentials. Not unlike ADFS the Office Pro Plus will be givcen a token to keep the Office Pro Plus activated for each user in the Shared Computer. Cloud only identifies might be prompted for credentials if their token has expired, which seems to happen if the Shared Computer Profile isn’t used every day. For Federated users, the Single Sign-On (SSO) should take care of the expired token.


This SharedComputerLicense will not Count as one of the five Office Pro Plus installation a Office 365 User has, but there is a limit per user each day and should it be reached you might see an error like this:




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