Little review Surface Pro 3

Yesterday I got my Surface Pro 3. As a prior Surface Pro 2 user, there are most certainly an Upgrade for my every day work and pleasure in the Surface Pro 3.


All Devices are Perfect depending on who you are, what you like and what you need, so I just wanted to say I am an IT Consultant. Mostly my time is using Remote Desktop Connection Manager, Browsers, Office Apps and other usefull Tools.

First up is the increased size to 12″ monitor and touch screen, and I truely like it because the previous Surface was to small. RDP Windows, Browser tabs and most Applications didn’t get enough room for me to work on. I just had to use an external monitor to be productive.

Which is quite interessting, because I see myself as the younger generation still, but was I wrong. Kids these days have Smart Phones and smaller tablets they do most of their homework on. Give them an iPhone With 4″ display and they think its great.

Second up is the Windows button, now neatly found on the right side. The previous position Down at the middle, missplaced is the nicest Word for it.


Third up is the Type Cover Keyboard which is increased in size and makes it that extra Natural to use. The previous model was abit to small for my taste and wasn’t really good to type on. The mousepad also has increased experience, because we can feel the difference between the mousepad and the rest of the keyboard, and it now has buttons for right- and left clicking.


And ofcourse the inside hardware is now getting there aswell, with an i7 CPU, 512gb SSD and 8gb RAM, it isn’t necessary for me to have a bigger 15-17″ computer on the side. Only thing I could want is 16gb RAM, but I do use MS Azure Virtual Machine mostly for Servers.

Thanks Sataya, for a Product right up my ally.

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  1. Colton K. Owens Avatar

    Hmm… Nice review, up for some contrary thoughts? Current:

    1. Roy Apalnes Avatar

      Hi Mr, Nice article on comparing it With Macbook Pro. I have some thoughts on the contrary, that Apple has a stable Product combining the hardware and software in a better way then Microsoft Windows. As Windows rely on Third party vendors to adjust accordingly and there are alot of vendors if you open the Device manager. But I am one of those that primary work on Microsoft Infrastructure, and some mobile Devices outside Microsoft, so haven’t given OS X the real uppertunity realy. Should I ever get tired of Windows I will gladly have a GO at OS X, but for now I am sticking to Windows 🙂 Think I’ll make a little post for sharing my thoughts, as I also have some in regards to Linux. Thanks for commenting and I will be following it up in my nearest post about this.

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