Consumer First – Business Later

The consumer marked drives Development in the Business marked 🙂

Why is this? and what does it mean for our business?

We and our colleagues, are bought the Consumer Marked and Business Marked, so it isn’t realy two different worlds. Except a business wants to pay for the service, because it is more critically dependent of the service. And when we pay for the service, we can demand more.

This brings me back to why the Consumer Services and Products arrives first, because there is less Critical dependent, so the bar for mistakes can be lower. Which Equals lower cost of Development.

The Developers also look at how big a deal the Service or Product means for consumers, and based on the result we can understand wether it is usefull to develop a better solution for the business marked.

Allthough not everything is directly usefull in the business marked, like Mobile Phone Games, it is a Technology that can be used for different purposes inside a business.


I With that I want to point out a New feature released for (Hotmail) and OneDrive, which is the possibility to save an Email attachment to a folder in OneDrive, directly from the Outlook Web Access (OWA or Webmail).

My Inbox is a very bad Place for attachments, and often the email isn’t important at all, so this makes it very easy to save the attachment, before I delete the email.

Looking forward to see it in Office 365 using Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business 🙂

Source: Office Blogs.

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