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Let us look deeper into moving a domain from Office 365 to a different Office 365 Tenant, but first a little summary and history.

Prior to December 2014 we couldn’t combine Enterprise and Small/MidSize License Plans, and if Your at Small/MidSize Licensen Plans, you will need to wait until September 2015 before there is a wizard Business Essentials and Premium License Plan.

We also have syndication partners, which is Office 365 in a different area than Microsoft Direct. Customers like to move away because Office 365 in the Syndication Platform can’t integrate With other Microsoft Online Services. Like Project Online, Visio Online, Azure, Intune and CRM Online. There is aslo often a different set of License Plan available, so in order to get want you need it might necessary to move.

So how do we start this ball of Chain, and what do we do when it doesn’t work as intended? What can we expect from Microsoft Support?

Create Your New Office 365 Tenant, and start verifying Your domain With the TXT Record:


It doesn’t fail until you make Office 365 look for this TXT Record:


Basicly, it tells you login to Your previously Office 365 tenant and delete Your domain, before you come back to this tenant.

For the Next step, we need login to the Office 365 tenant holding your domain, with a Global Administrator account.

But deleting the domain doesn’t work if any user still uses the domain for either SharePoint, Lync, Exchange or UserPrincipalName. This is also for deleted users that still remain in the graveyard, so these must be permanently deleted aswell.

What happens if we try to delete the domain anyway?

transferdomain3 transferdomain4 transferdomain5

1. Change all users to a different domain, perhaps the domain.

This will change the login name, and after some time Email address and SIP address. SIP address usualy the last attribute to change, like it is the last to be created.

2. If any users have been deleted after using the domain we like to move, we also need to delete the graveyard.

Because Azure AD has a dumbster or deleted items backup for a grace period. But we need to use PowerShell with Azure AD Cmdlets and run these commands:

Start PowerShell With Administrator rights to run: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Get-MsolUser –ReturnDeletedUsers | Remove-MsolUser –RemoveFromRecycleBin


At this point you should be able to remove the domain, and hopefully add Your domain within Your New Office 365 tenant.

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