Preview: Office 2016 for OS X

About time? :p

While iOS and Android allready receives alot of love from Microsoft, it was about time that OS X also received the long lasting update to the Office Suite. Especially when colleagues using Windows are efficient integrated with Office 365 Services like OneDrive for Business and Rights Management.

It is only in Preview, but I would waited a second more before upgrading the old Office 2011 for Mac OS X, just because it is that old and inefficient integrated with Office 365. Normally I wouldn’t recommend upgradring, but there is a huge difference, so I couldn’t managed to wait that long.

We shall have the best of bought worlds, Microsoft says, meaning there is still applications integrated to how we use OS X, but it is also upgraded where Microsoft finds their own ways better than OS X.

An example is how OS X have the menues integrated in the top line, also for the application. Like having your Windows Start Menu in top of your screen and when you use an application the Start Menu will include features and settings from that application.

But we will still see the familiar navigation easily reached in the normal Office Menu, just like in Windows.



Download from this LINK.

Read more about it at the Office Blog.


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