DirSync Unable to Synchronize anymore


Error Message: stopped-extension-dll-exception

We can see this happening when opening the FIM Sync Engine underneath DirSync, and it happens during the Connection towards Onmicrosoft.com.

The usual reason is the password has expired, and needs to be replaced. And also you might want to add PasswordNeverExpires to the account, allthough it is a Global Administrator. But we doesn’t have to use the admin@tenant.onmicrosoft.com, so it will make it more secure to add PasswordNeverExpires to an account not that easily to guess.

Later we might have better Security support around this service account, hopefully,

But how would we resolve this?

Login to the Office 365 Portal With Your Global Administrator and if the password has expired, you will be prompted to choose a New password.

Than head over to Your DirSync Application and you can run the Configuration, but sometimes that Configuration will not update the Connectors and we can find the settings under the Connector:


Change the password and hit OK, but it takes a minor time, so have a little patient and wait for the software.

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