SharePoint Online Extranet exchanged for GoDaddy

SharePoint Online Extranet or the Public Web Site in Office 365 was terminated for New customers earlier this year, and will be for excisting customers in the future.

I’ve been curious to what we gain and how this is integrated with Office 365, so I communicated with GoDaddy and found they have special offers for Domain, Webhosting and Office 365 License Plans, but only the first year will it be cheaper than Microsoft directly with a creditcard or with an License Agreement.

A Partner Account at GoDaddy is in beta, but a normal account can be upgraded to Pro (Partner) Account later.

GoDaddy is a Cloud Service Provider (the new and lighter Syndication), so the first thing you notice is all their customers are federated with a GoDaddy Login. If we try to administrate users within the Office 365 Admin Center we will be forwarded to GoDaddy User Administration. But how will this work for customers using Directory Synchronization I asked, but no answer yet, and I found out we can’t create users unless we have a License to assign. Which is a problem when having consultants or operations done from Partners.


Administrate the customers Services from a GoDaddy Admin Center.


Administrate and have some tools available from the GoDaddy Admin Center.

About the Public Website, there is no intragration with Office 365. We get normal Web Hosting from GoDaddy, and if we are using WordPress they have that as a Product as well. It gives us the benefit from standard hosting, but I was hoping it had any benefits from integrating with Office 365. There is only a Public Site link under in the Office 365 Admin Center, for us to choose GoDaddy or Wix, while the link sends us externally to their web sites.

GoDaddy have a Nice support, but from this little experience might lack a little Knowledge With Office 365. Because it is a New Product for them to support.

It seems to fit, but I am not impressed. Future customers can host there Websites anywhere, but this is now how I would like my customers to use Office 365.

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