Upgraded Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10

After several attempts on Private and Public Preview with fallback to Windows 8.1, I figured I’d give the RTM a try now on my Surface Pro 3 i7.

Windows 10 Upgrade is free for everyone with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, and will be available through Windows Update.

I like to be edge on technology, but waiting my turn in Windows Update was taking to long, so we had the ISO Image downloaded from Volume Licensing or MSDN.

Prior to Windows 10 I allways installed to an empty drive, but decided I should try to Upgrade my Windows 8.1 this time. Mainly because I felt the Upgrade was better now that Microsoft wants to massively deliver it through Windows Update, and with the hope for no missing drivers.

I mounted the ISO and started setup.exe, checked for allready released Updates and wanted to keep Apps and Settings from my Windows 8.1 installation.

That was all it asked me for, and about an hour later I could  logon to Windows 10 with the same profile. To me it all seems to work with this list of programs I have installed:



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