Publishing RDWeb/RDGateway with Azure AD App Proxy Error in Firefox

Everyone working with Azure Active Directory are used to have multiple browsers opened, in order to simulate mutiple users. And I often find myself even using In-Cognito or In-Private mode in my browsers to. At the moment I am running Edge, IE11, Firefox and Chrome.

So today I was working on Publishing my RD Web and the RD Gateway using Azure Application Proxy. Previously this didn’t work, because the Application Proxy didn’t render the RDWeb right.

Everything was set up, but the RDWeb didn’t respond from outside my envrionment in Azure IaaS. I kept recieving HTTP 400 Page not found when trying to Access the RD Web using MyApps.

I testet using Chrome, IE11 and Edge, which worked as intended, so it seems to be unsupported by Firefox. And the address field in Firefox fails over to the internal DNS name for the RDWeb, which doesn’t respond of course.

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