Intune testing with Virtual Machines

Testing Windows 10 Compliance policy and configuration policies, and Update Rings using Virtual Machines, because I didn’t have the necessary thick clients yet. Of course I would need to test them too, but using virtual machines is a good way to learn about Intune’s Mobile Device Management of Windows 10 clients.

What kind of challenges did we run into:

– Hyper-V VMs doesn’t support Code Integrity.
– Hyper-VM VMs will be protected with bitlocker startup code and harddrive encryption, but shows as Not Applicable in the Compliance Policy status.

This of course will limit the testing ability, but at least you get a baseline up and running.

We are also experiencing issues related to Update Ring from Intune, which doesn’t give clients other the minor udpates like definitions for Defender antivirus and malware protection.

NB! Upgrading to 1803 requires 2gb of dedicated memory.

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