Why I choose Apple Watch?

I like a classic watch, and for that reason I didn’t find any smartwatch or training associate worthy my money.

To be honest, I was ready to purchase a Samsung Gear S3 Classic, because it is the closest smartwatch to a classic watch, and I came across articles saying it could now work with iPhone running iOS 10 or later.

But the excitement didn’t last for long, it does connect to the iPhone and you will be able to see the time, just like a classic watch. But of course I wanted more from a smartwatch, and with an Samsung Gear app it also gave me my notifications. But there was no way of responding to any notification, not even a thumbs’up.

So it wasn’t really smart anymore, it did what any training associate would do, but with an added zero to the price tag. Even if the looks of it was tempting, it was not worth my money.

I could have changed to a Samsung Galaxy, but didn’t want to go through the hassle, as we also have an Apple TV with purchased movies and I like how the iPhone is just working. It can’t do everything, but 99% of what it can, actually work. At least compared to my attempt at an Android and Windows Phone.

The fault of making the Samsung Gear S3 stupid with iPhone, might lay on Apple not allowing any real competition into their iPhones, but even if we care, it doesn’t matter to Apple in the bigger picture. So congratulations to Apple with their strategy, I purchased an Apple Watch to my iPhone.


But it does look like one of those GPS tracker one can have attached to your foot when serving time.

I will continue this as a series of posts, next up is third-party customization and I will talk deaper on how having smartwatch have changed my day to day actions.

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