Endpoint Vulnerabilities has left the menu?

When I operate Microsoft 365 Security, I use security.microsoft.com portal for the overview and reporting.

Usually I am assigned the Security Administrator, and sometimes I help the team in Endpoint Manager. So I was also assigned Intune Administrator.

But because these are roles I need to elevate, I don’t have them active at all the time. Least of them Intune Administrator.

I spent some time swearing and growing grey hair, because the menu part about devices and vulnerabilities went away and came back without understanding why. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make it come back when I needed the menu.

Endpoint in Microsoft 365 Defender

Couldn’t really find anything while searching the Internet either, hence why I am writing this short blogpost, because I figured it out !!!

In order to display the Endpoints menu in Microsoft 365 Defender, you have to activate Intune Administrator. Security Administrator is not enough to gain this information from Endpoint Manager.

It will also be missing from the Assets part of the menu, until we activate Intune Administrator.

Device Assets

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