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  • Windows 365 freezes mouse and keyboard

    Windows 365 freezes mouse and keyboard

    Who doesn’t like a new and shiny toy, just look at it 🙂 And new remote application for Windows 365 (Public Preview) from Microsoft Store. Search for Windows 365 Preview. But I have another reason for wanting to try this new remote application for Windows 365. I have had issues with Windows 365, but one […]

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  • Outlook for iOS – Blocking the app

    Outlook for iOS – Blocking the app

    Using the Exchange ActiveSync Management Policies, we can block this app from connecting to Our Exchange hosted Mailboxes. This Outlook App is identified in the Exchange ActiveSync Management as ‘Outlook-iOS-Android/1.0’. The OWA for iOS and Android will be available for periode of time, but it will not be further developed. At the moment there aren’t […]

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  • Outlook for iOS – Update!

    Outlook for iOS – Update!

    Microsoft held a YamJam today in the Office 365 IT Pros Network, underneath the Exchange IT Pro Group. We have been discussing the Security, Features and Controls, but lets have a look the Security which is the bigger Buzz the last days. Outlook for iOS and soon Android uses a Backend Cloud Service. The first purpose […]

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  • Outlook for iOS – Unsecure?

    Outlook for iOS – Unsecure?

    What is the Buzz? Microsoft rebrands their purchase of Acompli to Outlook and relaunches it for iOS and in preview for Android. Alot of ITpros and Sysadmins have banned the App from their MDM controlled Devices, because it has two potential security risks. 1. It integrates with cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox, for consumers […]

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  • Cloud App Discovery Preview

    Cloud App Discovery Preview

    Introducing customers to all available Apps in Azure Active Directory Applications, which is simple Apps to distribute among users within a Portal for gathering Cloud Solutions used in Your Company. All these vendors have joined Microsoft in building a great database of Apps we can serve Our customers With, and they all have som sort […]

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  • OWA App now for Android

    OWA App now for Android

    Earlier I mentioned the OWA or Outlook Web App for iOS Devices and now the same App for Android Devices is released, but it will leave onpremise Exchange Servers hanging for another while. Source: http://blogs.office.com/2014/06/11/owa-for-android-now-available-on-select-devices/ It looks very much the same as OWA for iOS, which looks the same as on Windows Phone. We kind […]

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  • Office 365 OWA App for iOS

    Office 365 OWA App for iOS

    Just as simple and as good looking App for managing Your Office 365 Webmail / OWA from Your iOS Device, bought iPad and iPhone. http://blogs.office.com/2013/07/16/owa-for-iphone-and-owa-for-ipad/ Download free from Your App Store, and simply login to the App With Your Office 365 credentials. Doesn’t matter if Your Federated or not. Windows Phone 8/8.1 is taking over iOS:  

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