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  • Manual Sync with new Azure AD Sync

    Manual Sync with new Azure AD Sync

    Azure AD Sync have changed how we can manual sync, if we don’t want to restart every rule within the FIM Console (miisclient). Delta Sync will start by running the cmdlet DirectorySyncClientCmd and its found under C:Program FilesAzure AD SyncBin. To perform a Full Sync or Initial Sync as its called now, is a little […]

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  • My first curation on curah

    My first curation on curah

    Made my first curation on curah.com or curah.Microsoft.com Configure Azure AD Sync for Multiple Forests. What is curah? Curah is a Place to gather the articles you like for certain topics. A very good way to find good articles for specific topics. Thanks to Oscar Virot and Jespter Stahle for their artciles on Azure AD Sync.

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  • AADsync is GA, can we retire DirSync?

    AADsync is GA, can we retire DirSync?

    Last week Azure AD Sync was made Globaly Available, and can be downloaded here. Before summer kicked in we heard the News of Azure AD Sync beeing developed for multiforest synchronization to single Azure AD tenant. Meanwhile DirSync was also developed further and gained the feature Password Write-back, but there wasn’t a reason for two […]

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