AADsync is GA, can we retire DirSync?

Last week Azure AD Sync was made Globaly Available, and can be downloaded here.

Before summer kicked in we heard the News of Azure AD Sync beeing developed for multiforest synchronization to single Azure AD tenant.

Meanwhile DirSync was also developed further and gained the feature Password Write-back, but there wasn’t a reason for two free synchronization Tools.

So at some point Azure AD Sync needs to gain all features from DirSync and then can we retire DirSync.

But what is left to gain in Azure AD Sync?

Not much, but one probably important feature, the Password Hash Sync from Your Active Directory to Azure AD. Which is a great feature and even better combined with Azure AD Premium when Password Write-back becomes GA.

This combination is great for buisnesses embracing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

I will make a short introduction to installation and features during configuration of Azure AD Sync later, but there are allready some great articles out there.

So head over to Jespers blog for a walk through With Multi forest sync and attribute filtering.

See also this comparison of active Directory synchronization Tools.


I am Roy Apalnes, a Microsoft Cloud Evangelist working av Sopra Steria. Main focus in Microsoft Security and Endpoint Management, with a bigger picture in mind.

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