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  • Recover a lot of files from Recycle bin

    Recover a lot of files from Recycle bin

    Teams Files uses a SharePoint Recycle bin, because it stores files in a Library, but the web interface to manage the recycle bin isn’t very helpful. If someone by mistake or perhaps trying to delete a folder they synced, have deleted a lot of files, it is a nightmare to restore using the web interface. […]

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  • Error 8344 Insufficient Access Rights

    Error 8344 Insufficient Access Rights

    An Export Error within Azure AD Sync/Connect/DirSync/FIM/MIM when configured with Exchange Hybrid: Error Code: 8344 Error: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation. Exchange Hybrid configuration tests writeback from Azure AD, and needs the necessary permissions set by the Installation on the Active Directory Connector System Account to allow this writeback. Solution: If you can’t turn […]

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  • Password Hash Sync doesn’t work for all users

    Password Hash Sync doesn’t work for all users

    Ever had a Password Hash Sync installation, tested a couple of users and the next day when going Live, the bigger bunch of users can’t login? Your browser tells us the username and/or password is wrong. We check username and password. We check the Event Log. We check the users that worked yesterday and they […]

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  • Import Azure AD Sync PowerShell Cmdlets

    Import Azure AD Sync PowerShell Cmdlets

    Can’t find the old DirSync PS1 file to start PowerShell with cmdlets for Azure AD Sync? We can now Import the Azure AD Sync Module like any other real PS module 🙂 I asked my dear friends Bing and Google, but they had the same error when trying to “Import-Module DirSync”, so navigated my PowerShell Windows […]

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  • AADsync is GA, can we retire DirSync?

    AADsync is GA, can we retire DirSync?

    Last week Azure AD Sync was made Globaly Available, and can be downloaded here. Before summer kicked in we heard the News of Azure AD Sync beeing developed for multiforest synchronization to single Azure AD tenant. Meanwhile DirSync was also developed further and gained the feature Password Write-back, but there wasn’t a reason for two […]

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  • Yammer Enterprise support AD Sync and SSO

    I would allways recommend customers to consider Office 365 when they would like any of the services provided by Office 365, but in certain cases we only want one service. Yammer is a service you can buy outside Office 365 and its geat News that Yammer Enterprise supports synchronization from Active Directory and also SSO […]

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  • DirSync to Cloud Only Identities

    DirSync to Cloud Only Identities

    After moving to Office 365 we usually have in mind moving towards a simple IT infrastructure, so can do by also removing DirSync from the Equation. What will need to do, what heppans and how will it affect Our users? What will we need to do: 1. Turn off Directory Synchronization from Our Office 365 Admin […]

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  • Initiate DirSync Synchronization

    Initiate DirSync Synchronization

    DirSync will be schedule to synchronize every third hour, but sometimes you would want to speed it up after a change. You can rerun the DirSync Configuration: Or you can learn to use Synchronization Service Manager based on Forefront Identiy Manager 2010, which also will be beneficial later on. Path: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Online Directory SyncSYNCBUSSynchronization ServiceUIShellmiisclient.exe Icon:  […]

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