Initiate DirSync Synchronization

DirSync will be schedule to synchronize every third hour, but sometimes you would want to speed it up after a change.

You can rerun the DirSync Configuration:

Or you can learn to use Synchronization Service Manager based on Forefront Identiy Manager 2010, which also will be beneficial later on.

Path: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Online Directory SyncSYNCBUSSynchronization ServiceUIShellmiisclient.exe
Icon: ScreenShot161

If you DirSync have performed a sync allready, which you often have seens it is the last step upon configuration, you can easily rerun the tasks that ran last time the schedule sync did:


Select the first task, right-click and choose Run. Just click OK on the next windows or change it to Full if you don’t want it to do a incremental sync.

Continue with all four tasks that runs every time, but wait for the first task to be Success or Completed before running the next.

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