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  • Windows 365 freezes mouse and keyboard

    Windows 365 freezes mouse and keyboard

    Who doesn’t like a new and shiny toy, just look at it 🙂 And new remote application for Windows 365 (Public Preview) from Microsoft Store. Search for Windows 365 Preview. But I have another reason for wanting to try this new remote application for Windows 365. I have had issues with Windows 365, but one […]

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  • Federated Salesforce Identity Provider Certificate has failed

    Federated Salesforce Identity Provider Certificate has failed

    How wrong can an error Message be? A customer tried using Single Sign-On With their Federated Service Provider, Salesforce, today receiving this error: Login Error Your login attempt using single sing-on With an Identity provider certificate has failed. Please contact Your salesforce.com administrator for more information. We could believe this has to do With some faulty […]

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  • DirSync Installation Error PowerShell

    DirSync Installation Error PowerShell

    The minimum Version of Windows PowerShell required is 2,0. Please install the minimum Version required (or higher) and try again. Today I was installing DirSync for a customer With a brand New Windows Server 2021 R2, which includes PowerShell 2,0 and 4,0. So I can’t install any better Version of PowerShell, but it keeps telling […]

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  • ADFS Single Sign-On Error 80048163

    ADFS Single Sign-On Error 80048163

    Error Code: 80048163 When trying to log on with a federated user and receiving a Error Code: 80048163. This happends if there has been changes to the ADFS Server Configuration and it haven’t been updated to Office 365.   Open PowerShell with WAAD Cmdlets and connect to your Office 365 tenant for updating federation trust: Update-MSOLFederatedDomain –DomainName <Federated […]

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  • DirSync Sync Error

    DirSync Sync Error

    IdFix DirSync Error Remediation Tool http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36832 Its not a DirSync is alot of trouble, but the error messages in DirSync doesn’t tell an IT Administrator much, so Microsoft have created this software to help sort out synchronization trouble.

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  • Hybrid Move Request Error

    Hybrid Move Request Error

        Error: The operation couldn’t be performed because object ‘User’ couldn’t be found on ‘*.prod.outlook.com’.   This error tells us that the Move Request can’t find a user in Office 365 Exchange Online with an object-id matching the mailbox you are requesting to move. It can be several reasons to this to check these […]

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